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A Home Sellers New Year’s Resolution List

With the start of the New Year being in just a few days, it is natural for our thoughts to turn to the things we can change or better in the next year. If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to sell your home, then here is your list of resolutions to follow to ensure you sell your home quickly, and for the best possible return.

1. Move Up Spring Cleaning- Declutter, depersonalize, and start to make your home look roomier

2. Stage Your Home- Whether your hire some or if you do it yourself, this is the time to rearrange your furniture to make your rooms look and feel bigger and brighter!

3. Think it Through- Before you spend money on renovations and upgrades, let’s chat. It is important that you think carefully and do not overspend by guessing.

4. Take Care of Neglected Repairs- It is time to break out your tool belt, (or call a handyman). Take care of deferred maintenance and those minor repairs you keep saying you will get around too.

5. Check Out the Competition- Call me. Let’s talk realistically about the comps in your area.

6. Prepare Mentally- Be prepared for low offers, picky buyers, and odd terms. Prepare yourself now so you can take them in stride when you are on the market.

7. Interview Real Estate Agents- Hiring a real estate agent is critical to you success. Take the time to interview a number of agents and choose the one who is right for your needs!

Selling a home can be stressful. The right real estate agent should be able to help you to check off most of these resolutions, or at the very least, help to make them more achievable.

A home sellers New Year's Resolutions

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