• Monica Danaher

Get a grip on Thanksgiving!

Updated: Jan 21

Feeling frantic, frazzled, and up to your eyeballs in all things turkey and gravy?

Get a grip on Thanksgiving with these tips for holiday hosting:

1. Get help. Gone are the days the solo Thanksgiving superhero. Encourage family and friends to bring a dish to share. Let 'em know what you'll be cooking up, and ask them to fill in the gaps.

2. Scratch cooking from scratch. Love a specialty side dish from a nearby restaurant? Order it up supersized just in time for Thanksgiving. They'll appreciate your business and you'll lighten your cooking load.

3. Send the turkey out back. Consider frying or smoking your turkey this year. It'll free up oven space and delight your guests with a fresh twist on the oft-predictable poultry.

4. Consider an outdoor feast. If the weather is forecasted to be mild, gather later in the day when temps are warmest and use decorative—but disposable—plates and napkins to keep it simple.

5. Make a plan for leftovers. Always overwhelmed with mounds of leftovers? Have to-go boxes on hand so guests can load up before they leave.

Above all this year, remember to keep the main thing the main thing (and it ain't the turkey). It's the amazing people gathered around your table. Pretty sure if you do that, your day will be filled with joy and peace regardless of all the other details.

Happy (early) Thanksgiving, friends!

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