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Interior Design Terms to know Part 2!

After my last post on interior design terms, my mind was racing! There are just SO many to know. As a quick follow up, here are 5 MORE terms to keep you well-versed in interior design lingo:⁣

1. Leadtime: Got a design project in the works? You’ll wanna ask about leadtime. What is it? It’s the time between when you order and when an item ships. Custom furniture and other items often have a leadtime of 8-12 weeks depending on the manufacturer.⁣

2. Scale: Everything in a space needs to gel and jive. Understanding scale is how that happens. Scale is simply how the size of one object relates to the size of the other objects in a room.⁣

3. Bouclé: Texture is all the rage these days. Bouclé is one textured textile containing nubby, looped yarn often in two different shades.⁣

4. Monochromatic: Don't be thrown off by the five-syllable word! What it means is this: a color scheme designed around a single color.⁣

5. Niche: A niche is a recessed area in a wall or room -- perfect for a small piece of furniture or disguised storage, your designer can help you make the best use of the tucked-away space.

Hope this helps you on your design journey. And don't forget -- if you don’t know a word or term, ask!!⁣ Follow me on IG for more tips and tricks!

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