• Monica Danaher

Interior Design Terms You Should Know!

Ever had a designer throw out a word you didn’t know? Not wanting to embarrass yourself, you nod in a

greement and try to keep up with the convo. Never again! Here are 8 interior design terms that’ll keep you tracking right along:⁣

1. Arabesque: a decorative pattern with overlaid flowers, foliage, fruits, or scrolls.⁣

2. Bolster: a cylindrical-shaped pillow.⁣

3. Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-guh’): a word that describes a feeling of coziness and a sense of contentment or well-being.⁣

4. Etagere: a freestanding or hanging set of open shelves designed for decorative objects.⁣

5. Settee: an upholstered piece of furniture long enough to seat two people.⁣

6. Wainscoting: Interior wall paneling that covers the lower part of a wall.⁣

7. Kelvin: the unit of measurement that relates to the color of a light source. The higher the number, the closer the shade is to sunlight.⁣

8. Feng shui: A method of Chinese design based around energy forces. It's intended to bring homeowners in harmony with their environment.⁣

This should give you a leg up when working with a designer. But remember, it’s ALWAYS right to ask if you aren’t sure what something means. It’s your home, and you deserve to not only understand but to love where your designer is heading!⁣

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