• Monica Danaher

Tips to IGNORE when selling your house.

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

If you have never sold a home before, it could be easy to get wrapped up in all the unsolicited advice from those around you. As homebuyers are becoming more market savvy, understanding which selling tips to ignore are important.

1. Spring is the best time to sell: The REAL key when selling your home is to pay attention to inventory levels. While spring is when a lot of home sales tend to rise, when there is not as much inventory for a buyer to chose from, (like in the fall and winter), it tends to work out better for the seller.

2. Open Houses sell homes: According to the National Association of Realtors, only 2% of homes sell as the direct result of an open house. It is no surprise that virtual tours and online photos, attract more interest then foot traffic. Now more than ever, IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO GET PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS TAKEN OF YOUR HOME!! Also find yourself an agent (a.k.a ME) who has access to the best virtual programs designed specifically to sell your home.

3. Price high so there is room to negotiate: Homebuyers are more market savvy just on their own, not to mention when they have a buyer’s agent on their side, if a property is priced to high, a motivated buyer wont even bother looking at your home.

4. If you don’t want to make repairs, price it low: Unless you plan on marketing your house as a fixer upper, buyers will expect the home to be in reasonable condition and pricing low won’t necessarily attract buyers.

5. You must update your kitchen if you want it to sell: While buyers love an updated kitchen, you typically only receive about 81% back if you are to renovate your kitchen just to sell it. CALL ME! I will give you some helpful and much more affordable tips on how to market your home so you can truly see a return on your investment.

Selling a home is a major life decision. If you or someone you know is even considering selling, do them or yourself a favor and call me. We can meet (virtually or in person) and we can discuss all your options. Let me help you and your loved ones through this confusing and overwhelming process!

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